Day 0: The Flight

He didn’t like to fly.  Every time he slept on an airplane he would dream with vivid detail that the plane would go down.  Usually it would be a section of the wing that would break off, causing the plane to bank hard to the left until he could see the ground or the ocean rapidly approaching.  But always before the moment of impact he would wake up, and it would be so real-feeling that he was convinced that what he had experienced was a parallel sideways reality.  Because of this, he never slept on airplanes.
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Day 1: The Sweeny

The hotel the Thieve’s Guild had booked him into turned out to be fantastic, nested on a slope that rises sharply up from the Grande Piazza in the center of town, and his room had a stunning view of Lake Maggiore.  He stood on the balcony, watching a funicular train rise diagonally up the steep mountainside, and he thought to himself that the Guild was treating him far too well.  “Nothing comes without a price,” he thought to himself, and as he scanned the itinerary left in his room alongside the fruit plate by the Jury Secretary, he realized that every waking moment was to be occupied by various duties, tasks, challenges, and responsibilities.  This was, in fact, work — but with the cool Alpine breeze and the warm sun it felt much more like a vacation from his current obligations back home.
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Day 2: The Curator Arrives

It was his practice when in a hotel room to booby trap his door.  He knew that card key locks were easily hacked.  He knew full well of software available for the Arduino processor board that when plugged into the tiny DC power port hidden just under the doorknob of most hotel rooms with similar card key systems would open nearly any hotel room door.  It was an easy matter of reading the 24-bit string from the lock and then pinging it back, in effect spoofing and triggering it to unlock.  It worked most of the time, like clockwork, so he always brought with him a tension bar to slow down anyone who attempted entry to a room he was staying in using this method.  But on this morning he awoke in his room with the barrel of a ceramic Glock pressed against his left eye.
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Day 3: The Last Bang

The Jury spent the day studying the heists of both the Man From Georgia and a Swiss-German Crew who could have easily been college students.
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Day 4: Zoe

His face was still bruised and his lip was split, which made drinking his frequent espresso doppios that much more difficult, but by this time the addiction to caffeine had returned with a vengeance.  Clouds had rolled in from over the Cardada-Cimetta mountain, and large drops of rain began to fall.  The cool air was a welcome respite from the terrible heat of the previous days, and the Canadian sat under a canopy with the South Korean just feeling the cool breeze.
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Day 5: The Cypher

In the night it began to storm.  First there was the rain, and the lightening with regular and rapid flashes illuminating the mountains.  The thunder shook the panes of glass in the windows of the restaurant while The Jury discussed the thieves whose heists this year they were assessing.  Who had been the most artful this year, and who among those the programmer had chosen deserved the laurels the Thieve’s Guild would award?
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Day 6: Of One And Half A Dozen Of Another

The hotel lunch room was empty except for the South Korean, who motioned for the Canadian to join him.  They discussed the heists they had seen, and considered forming an alliance in case the other Jury members didn’t agree with their assessment of the artfulness of the crimes.
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